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The Often Overlooked Psychological Benefits of BJJ

The benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that first come to mind are all physical, but there are also many psychological benefits that sometimes get overlooked.  If you have ever trained BJJ you know first hand that you walk away physically worked out but also mentally.  After class, your mind is racing with techniques and strategies that you want to try out the next time you train.


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Here’s a list of 6 major ways BJJ benefits its practitioners psychologically:

Stress Reliever: BJJ is a huge stress reliever because it forces you to take a break from life and focus on the now.  We all know life can get hectic, and too many times everyone is worrying about tomorrow and they forget to enjoy today.  While rolling there’s no time to think about the stresses of life, all you can think about is the present moment and getting that take down, pass, or submission.

Improves Self-Confidence:  BJJ is one of the few martial arts that can be practiced day in and day out at full speed giving its practitioners more realistic training.  This will give you confidence that if you were faced with a self-defense situation you would know how to handle yourself and how to stay calm.

Less Aggression/Calmer: BJJ provides a healthy outlet to release pent up frustration or aggression that can easily build up.  A healthy outlet for this release can lead to a happier, healthier, and calmer life.  Training also releases endorphins through the body giving you that post-training “high”.

Stimulates the Mind:  Training Jiu Jitsu is a lot like playing chess with your body.  The longer you train the more you will be able to foresee your opponent’s next move, making it an extremely fun strategic game to play.  BJJ will open up your mind and improve your problem-solving skills, which is applicable just about everywhere in life as well.

Training Partners are Fantastic Friends: Your training partners often become people you want to spend time with even off the mat.  BJJ brings a large group of like-minded people together creating a positive environment where everyone pushes each other to constantly improve in Jiu Jitsu and life.

Humility:  Many people can develop a delusional self-perception where they think they can do physical things that in reality they can’t.  BJJ provides its practitioners with a reality check every time they step on the mat forcing everyone to shed those delusions.  The long term benefits of humility are countless and many people don’t realize this until they experience it for themselves.

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