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F2W San Diego

Fight2Win is back in San Diego this weekend and we are excited for another fantastic event.  We have many competitors from Atos HQ on the card so try to come out and show your support.  The tickets are sold online or can be purchased directly from the athletes.

Athletes from Atos HQ include: Kaynan Duarte, Luiza Monteiro, Nisar Loynab, Ronaldo Junior, Pablo Mantovani, Pete O’Neal, Heather Woods, Rafaela Guedes, David Yee, Javier Zaruski, and Justin Pearce.


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Main Event

220lbs Black Belt Gi

Kaynan Duarte (Atos) vs Gutemberg Perreira (GFT)

150lbs Black Belt Gi

Baret Yoshida (The Arena) vs Marcus Norat (Gracie Humaita)

140lbs Black Belt GI

Jena Bishop (Alliance) vs Luiza Monteiro (ATOS)

Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi

Matthew Palupelelei (Soul Fighters) vs Victor Barreto (Alliance)

220lbs Black Belt Gi

Bruno Munduruca (Gracie Humaita) vs Marcelo Lucena (Ralph Gracie)

215lbs Black Belt GI
Harlan Berk (99 Jiu Jitsu) vs Ray Rahn (Halo Jiu Jitsu)

200lbs Black Belt Gi

Paul Silva (Carlson Gracie) vs Chris Stolzman (Easton BJJ)

200lbs Black Belt GI

Hygor Brito (Cicero Costha) vs Nisar Loynab (Atos)

190lbs Black Belt Gi

Johnny Souza (Alliance) vs Miles Lukas

185lbs Black Belt Gi

Vinicius Wong (alliance) vs Kuhio Tabancura (Checkmat)

185lbs Black Belt Gi

Sergio Rios (99 Jiu-Jitsu) vs Ronaldo Junior (Atos)

180lbs Black Belt GI

Rafael Dallinha (Rada Jiu Jitsu) vs Paulo Alves Magalhaes Filho ( 99 Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Black Belt GI

Marcus Porter (Gracie Humaita) vs Alfredo Barum (Barum Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs Black Belt GI

Ricky Nunez (Flow Roll BJJ) vs Piter Frank Silva (Alliance)

170lbs Black Belt NOGI

Francisco Iturraide (Clark Gracie Team) vs Tom Gallicchio (Team Quest)

160lbs Black Belt NOGI

Adam Mazin (Victory MMA) vs Gabriel Bergami (Alliance)

145lbs NOGI

Heather Woods (Atos) vs Sophia NOrdero (Barum BJJ)

141 Black Belt Gi

Andre Pontes (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) vs Pablo Dutra Mantovani (Atos)

175lbs Black Belt JUDO

Gabriel Mendes (Studio 540) vs Fabricio Silva (CTA)

235lbs Brown Belt GI

Michael Egley (Carlson Gracie) vs PJ Montano (CSW)

215lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Breylor Grout (BJJ Revolution) vs Chadwick Roland (10th Planet)

190lbs Brown Belt Gi

Conrad Barrett (Carlson Gracie) vs Dan Hoopes (Excel Jiu Jitsu)

185lbs Brown Belt GI

Victor Oliveira (Alliance) vs Pete O’Neal (Atos)

180lbs Brown Belt Gi

Richard Lopez (Checkmat) vs Roberto Ramirez (Strong base BJJ)

165lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Djavan Coleman (Excel Jiu Jitsu) vs Jay Jay Wilson (Alliance)

160lbs Brown Belt Gi

Alessandra Moss (Clark Gracie) vs Rafaela Guedes (Atos)

155lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Keith Krikorian (10th Planet) vs Dan Dykeman (Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu)

147lbs Brown Belt Gi

Chris Richey (Alliance) vs David Yee (Atos)

Super Heavy Purple Belt Gi

Leonard Miller (Kings MMA) vs Marco Martinez (Carlson Gracie)

215lbs Purple Belt GI

Diego Vazquez (Carlson Gracie) vs Javier Zaruski (Atos)

200lbs Purple Belt GI

Clint Felder (Checkmat) vs Alex Howse (Carlson Gracie)

195lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Matthew Cox (10th Planet) vs Chris Deal (Gracie Humaita)

185lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Carl Boudro (Barum BJJ) vs Elijah Thompson (10th Planet)

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Stuart Cole (Gracie Humaita) vs Chase Parsons (10th Planet)

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Brian McMahan (Studio 33) vs Justin Pearce (Atos)

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Joseph Wingate (10th Planet) vs Michael Collins (Victory MMA)

155lbs Purple Belt GI

Adam Carcione (Moore Jiu Jitsu) vs Alonzo Esparza (Gracie Allegiance)

145lbs Purple Belt GI

Mariana Gil (Gracie Humaita) vs Joanna Scott (Checkmat)

140lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Nikol Aguirre (Alliance Jiu Jitsu) vs Stefanie Fava (Team Quest)

Teen Fly Weight NOGI Title

Zoey Chiles (Alliance East Lake) vs ZKay Fountilla (CTA)

145lbs Teen Blue Belt GI

Jacob Brown (AOJ) vs Joshua Webb (Checkmat)



Doors Open To Public 430 pm

500pm Brian McMahan vs Justin Pearce

507pm Elijah Thompson vs Carl Boudro

514pm Diego Vazauez vs Javier Zaruski

521pm Joseph Wingate vs Michael Collins

528pm  Michael Egley vs PJ Montano

536pm  Victor Oliveira vs Pete O’Neal

544pm  Keith Krikorian vs Dan Dykeman

552pm  Alessandra Moss vs Rafaela Guedes

600pm Chase Parsons vs Stuart Cole

607pm Alonzo Esparza vs Adam Carcione

614pm Chris Richey vs David Yee

622pm Mariana Gil vs Joanna Scott

629pm Jay jay Wilson vs Djavan Coleman

637pm  Roberto Ramirez vs Richard Lopez

645pm  Nikol Aguirre vs Stefanie Fava

653pm  Marco Martinez vs Leonard Miller

701pm  Jacob Brown vs Joshua Webb

708pm. Zoey Chiles vs Zkay Fountilla

715pm  Chadwick Roland vs Breylor Grout

723pm  Conrad Barrett vs Dan Hoopes

731pm  Matt Cox vs Chris Deal

738pm  Alex Howse vs Clint Felder

745pm Gabriel Mendes vs Fabricio Silva

753pm Andre Pontes vs Pablo Mantovani Dutra

802pm Marcelo Lucena vs Bruno Mundruca

811pm Sergio Rios vs Ronaldo Junior

820pm  Piter Frank vs Ricky Nunez

829pm   Hygor Brito vs Nisar Loynab

838pm  Victor Barreto vs Matthew Palupelelei

847pm  Harlan Berk vs Raymond Rahn

856pm   Vinicius Wong vs Khuio Tabancura

905pm  Kevin Berbrich vs Tom Gallcchio

914pm. Gabriel Bergami vs Adam Mazin

923pm  Sophia Nordeno vs Heather Woods

932pm  Johnny Souza vs Miles Lukas

941pm Paul Silva vs Chris Stolzman

950pm  Paulo Filho vs Rafael Dallinha

959pm Alfredo Barum vs Marcus Porter

1008pm Jena Bishop vs Luiza Monteiro

1018pm Baret Yoshida vs Marcus Norat

1028pm Gutemberg Pereira vs Kaynan Duarte


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