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How BJJ Helps Kids Academically

BJJ is a physical activity but at the same time, it’s also a mental activity.  It challenges you to think outside of the box and problem solve while improving strength, coordination, and flexibility.  It’s a multifaceted sport with a multitude of both physical and psychological benefits.  Many core concepts and values BJJ teaches apply not only on the mat but off the mat as well.  It’s no secret that kids are full of energy and unfortunately in the classroom that’s not always a good thing.  It can be distracting and take their focus away from absorbing what they are being taught in school.  BJJ provides a safe environment for kids to expend their excess energy while also helping them develop skills that will help them in the classroom as well.




6 Ways BJJ Can Help Kids Succeed in School:

1. Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

2. Encourages kids to think outside of the box and learn how to problem solve

3. Teaches discipline and respect so they behave better in the classroom

4. Exercises not only the body but the brain as well by practicing strategy and critical thinking skills

5. Instills confidence and teaches mental toughness

6. Teaches self-defense and anti-bullying techniques




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