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ATOS Testimonials

Atos Jiu-Jitsu provides a safe, clean, and fun environment for people of all ages and skill levels.

Have a look and see what our students are saying:



“My husband, daughter, and I joined this gym a few months ago and have had a great experience so far. I was a little skeptical but I did the week trial and ended up loving it. I typically attend the evening basics class with Prof. Mike Carbullido and the Tu/Th women’s class with Prof. Angelica Galvao these instructors are nothing short of amazing. They are very welcoming and helpful to new students. The other students in the class have also been welcoming and nice especially when I let the higher belts know I have not been practicing for long. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to start BJJ!”

– Laura A. (San Diego)


“Atos has been an amazing experience for my son who joined when he was 6 years old. The coaches are outstanding and truly care about the kids. They make you feel as if you are part of their family. The will teach your child Respect, Humility, Discipline, and provide your child the guidance on how to be successful. We are truly blessed to have our son part of the Atos Team”

– Marlon M. (San Diego)




“Galvao Jiu-Jitsu truly offers the best BJJ instruction not only in San Diego, but in the western hemisphere. Not only do you have the best professors, but you have the best BJJ practitioners around to actually train with. No other academy can tout multiple World Champions on the mat all day everyday. The people there have become our extended family.”

– Rey S. (Eastlake)


“I’ve trained/visited quite a few jiu jitsu gyms and Atos San Diego has been far and away the very best. Not only for the quality of the jiu jitsu instruction, which is top notch and cutting edge, but for the quality of the people. Everyone is treated like a valued member of the team, from top talent to hobbyist white belts. I think this is largely a product of the kind of person Andre Galvao is. An exceptional place to train.”

– Philip O. (San Diego)


“Atos is one of the best places to train jiu jitsu in the entire world. Since being here for only a few months, I met so many people who have moved their lives from another state or another country to be in San Diego just to train at Atos!  This place truly does live up to its name with top notch training from Professors Andre and Angelica Galvao.

I have enjoyed every class I’ve taken here. Every instructor is always clear and breaks down each technique so anyone can understand and learn.  Questions are always encouraged here.  The other students are super supportive and welcome every new member that steps in through the front doors as well.  I would highly recommend Atos for anyone, whether you have experience with jiu jitsu or if you’re just looking for the right place to start!”

– Anna L.



“If you’re looking for a place to train in San Diego, then train at ATOS jiujitsu with Andre Galvao. He’s a great instructor with an open mind/heart and welcomes everyone of all skill level. When he’s gone for competitions, there’s no need to worry about training because there are a lot of top level student instructors at the school. Great place to train!!”

– Jason S. (San Diego)


“From the beginning Atos was a blessing. The classes are very friendly and very profound ways of teaching. If you want to experience BJJ to the highest limit and train along side the world champion and one of the most humble man I know go to Atos and talk to Carlos he takes care of everyone.”

– Hector V. (San Diego)





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