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ADCC Results!

Congratulations to all our athletes from Atos who competed at ADCC this past weekend!  They all put on a spectacular show of skill and heart.  We know they all worked extremely hard to get there and it showed on the mat.  It was truly inspiring watching all of them fight.


We had athletes in every single weight class, including both the female weight classes:

MALE -66 kg

Pablo Mantovani, Bruno Frazzato, & Tye Ruotolo- 4th place

MALE -77 kg

JT Torres- Gold

MALE -88 kg

Josh Hinger- Bronze, & Mike Perez

MALE -99 kg

Lucas Barbosa- Bronze

MALE +99 kg

Kaynan Duarte- Gold

FEMALE -60kg

Bianca Basilio- Gold

FEMALE +60kg

Carina Santi- Silver


Andre Galvao- Superfight Champion


JT: 1st; Kaynan: 1st; Prof. Galvao: Superfight Champion; Lucas: 3rd; Josh: 3rd








Pablo Mantovani


Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa- bronze


Kaynan Duarte- gold


Tye Ruotolo (pic: @mikecalimbas)


Mike Perez


Prof. Galvao celebrating after his superfight win (pic: @mikecalimbas)


Josh Hinger- bronze (pic: @gisellevillasenorphotography)


Carina Santi- silver (pic: @gisellevillasenorphotography)


Bianca Basilio- gold


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(featured image pic: @dbrisenophoto)