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BJJ: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

How BJJ Reduces Stress:

Helps you forget your problems– It does this by bringing you into the now instead of worrying about the future and your current problems

Exercise releases endorphins– Endorphins are the brains feel good neurotransmitters which are released when you exercise.

It teaches patients and how to enjoy the process– In today’s world it’s all about the quick fixes and immediate responses.  However, many times that’s just not how things work.  It’s a process and there’s no shortcuts to the finish line.  BJJ reminds us of how important it is to enjoy the journey every day, even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be, just continue to push yourself and get a little better every day.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle– Before you know it you’ll be going to bed early so you don’t miss that morning training session.  Instead of reaching for the sweets you’ll grab something healthy so you can go down a weight class for that tournament you want to compete in.  Or maybe you just want to eat better and lose weight so you can perform better in training.  Whatever your goals may be BJJ tends to offer that extra resolve to stick with healthy habits, which brings on an entire positive lifestyle change.

Positive support system– Life gets tough sometimes so it’s important to have a support system.  The BJJ community serves as a fantastic family and reminder that you aren’t alone.



The longer you do BJJ the more you will realize how many ways it relieves stress.  It also has a way of teaching many life lessons that can be applied on and off the mat.  BJJ brings people together and offers a strong community that serves as a constant reminder that even though life gets tough you’re not alone.

It’s a difficult to explain until you try it, so we encourage you to see for yourself.  Here at Atos HQ we offer a FREE one week trial and we have a whole crew of instructors ready to help you on your Jiu Jitsu journey.  Give us a call, text, email, or stop by the academy to get started.



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