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Andre Galvao

Why Xmas could be your BJJ break-through!

I have a serious question to ask you:

Did your BJJ game truly progress in 2022?

Or did it stagnate?

Learning the same techniques as everyone else in your weekly class.

Rolling with the same old partners, finding yourself in the same old guard.

Sure, you trained consistently.

But training once, even twice a week is only good if you want to be mediocre.

And who ever took up BJJ to be average?

As a 6x IBJJF World Champion, I can assure you there’s no better feeling than having a winning edge. This comes down to always evolving as a fighter.

And I want YOU to evolve into the competitor you long to be in 2023!

That’s why this Christmas week, I’m slashing 40% off my annual membership!

For the insanely low price of $12.49 a month, you get access to over 10,000+ hours of GAME-CHANGING content!

An always-growing selection of masterclasses, courses and live sessions to help get you out of your rut!

To transform you into an UNPREDICTABLE KILLER on the mat!

Striking fear into your opponents each and every time, because you will possess an endless array of never-before seen holds, takedowns, escapes and more… no matter your level.

Always evolving, always improving, and always having that winning edge!

Simply use code: HOLIDAY40 at checkout for 40% off.

CLICK HERE NOW before the Christmas sale ends and make 2023 the year of incredible growth in every area of your BJJ game!


Happy holidays,

Andre Galvao