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Atos Kids Crush It At 2023 IBJJF Pans

The Pan Kids IBJJF Championship took place in Florida over the weekend and all our kids – from both HQ and our affiliates – put on an amazing show.

Over the past months, we’ve been extremely focused on our Juvenile Team. However, it’s super exciting to see our Kids Team step up and perform so amazingly – these guys are literally the future of our sport.

Here are some of the highlights from Atos HQ:

  • Mykoda Hummel submitted all his opponents to win gold 🥇 in the Teen 1 Lightweight division
    Mykoda Hummel [Picture: BJJ Cria]
  • Dania Silva won her 7th Pan Kids Championship title in the Teen 3 Middleweight division 🥇 We’re so excited to see what she can do next year as a Juvenile!
  • Another gold winner was Abby Denis 🥇 who submitted 2 out of 3 fights in the Junior 3 Yellow Belt Featherweight Division.
    Abby Denis with Professors Andy Murasaki, Lucas Pinheiro, and Coach Arthur Mariath [Picture: BJJ Cria]
  • Eduardo “Dudu” Cancela also won gold 🥇 in the Teen 3 Heavyweight division.
  • Alana Garcia won gold 🥇 after winning 3 fights – with 3 submissions – in the Junior 2 Lightweight division.
    Alana Garcia [Picture: BJJ Cria]
  • Makai “Dragon” Tran won bronze 🥉 in the Junior 1 Middleweight division. His brother, Tyoh Tran also competed in the Teen 3 Middleweight division 💪🏽
  • Sierra Ann Fahn placed 3rd 🥉 in the Teen 2 Orange Middleweight Division.
  • Isabella Scallion (⚔️ “Bellazilla Gorilla” 🛡️)  was phenomenal as always in the Pee-Wee 3 Featherweight division.
  • Logan Kauliuli put on a terrific performance in the Pee-Wee 1 Lightweight division.
  • Matías Asako was incredible in the Pee-Wee 3 Lightweight division 👏
  • Collie James, another outstanding teen, represented us in the Teen 2 Featherweight division.
  • Luke Chilingirian gave his all in the Junior 3 Featherweight Division.
  • Zahkai-Porter represented Atos amazingly in the Pee-Wee 3 light featherweight division.

Our mission is to continue fostering the youngest and brightest kids in Jiu-Jitsu. Between HQ and our affiliates, we had 97 kids compete in this massive championship.

We couldn’t be more proud of all of them for showing up and performing at such a high level.

If you want to check out the kind of instruction that we give our kids at Atos HQ, make sure you check out our Kids Playlist on Atos BJJ On Demand.