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Three Lessons from Brazilian Nationals [Part Three]

The last lesson I want to share this week is from my daughter, Sarah Galvao 💜

Sarah had an amazing performance in her weight division, submitting three out of her five opponents.

She was chasing submissions the whole entire time (One of the fights that she won by points ended up with a submission locked – with a few seconds more, she would have submitted that opponent too 🔥)

After winning her division, she went into the Open class and fought way heavier opponents.

Sarah is only sixty kilos, and she overcame huge challenges against fighters that were at least eighty or ninety kilos…

She had an incredible performance. The way she sees the fights and controls the situation is so high-level… Even when things don’t seem to be going her way, she’s really calm.

And that’s one thing that we have to do when we’re a champion:

Champions stay calm under pressure.

She had an incredible single-leg defense against an opponent that was almost two times her size.

And then she ended up closing out the finals with her teammate, Lillian Marchand.

(Side Note: Lillian is a MACHINE: her nickname is “Lillatron”, “Tron” for robot 😅 Lilly goes to the mission, decides to finish it, and she does 🤖 Lilly had four fights in her weight division, and won them all by submission.)

By closing out and beating the top girls in the Purple Belt Division at the Brasileiro, they cement their reputations as two of the best Purple Belts in the world today 💪🏽

Below is a photo of Lillian and Sarah with their Double Golds 🥇🥇

Lillian and Sarah with Double Golds
Lilly “Lillatron” Marchand and Sarah Galvao after closing out.

This is also the second time Sarah and Lillian closed out a grand slam tournament (the first one was Pans.)

I’m super proud of these girls – they work so hard 💜

You guys need to witness their training sessions… I can’t even explain, you just have to witness the intensity to understand it.

We’re going to start posting more of their training sessions on Atos BJJ On Demand. We’ve already uploaded some of Sarah’s training sessions from Pans on the site, and it just shows you how hard they train and fight.

I hope you guys took something away from these last three days of lessons.


Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​