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Ramon lemos visits Atos HQ San Diego

Welcoming Some Very Special Guests

One of the best parts of being a gym owner is welcoming visiting guests…

It feels amazing to welcome students into your gym and share your knowledge with them…

While also learning from the techniques they bring to your academy ✨

We’ve had some very special guests over the past few weeks…

I don’t even know if “guest” is the right word for Professor Ramon Lemos, the man who co-founded Atos Jiu-Jitsu with me 15 years ago 🔥

Ramon spent the last 8 years in Abu Dhabi, building up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Team… 

His story is inspiring! He started teaching many of his students as kids who are now old enough to compete in the adult division….

Ramon brought the UAE team to Atos HQ to help prepare them for the upcoming Asian Games – a HUGE competition!

He wanted his students to feel the pressure of training with a strong competition team in order to better prepare them for the challenges they’ll face…

And to help them develop a champion mindset and mentality 🏆

Training with the MONSTERS that train at HQ is bound to make that happen 💪🏽



Professor Andre Galvao