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Atos Juveniles Dominate the Adult Division in the Abu Dhabi Pro 💪🏽

Oss Reader

Yesterday my incredible daughter Sarah Galvao, who’s still a Juvenile fighter, won the Abu Dhabi World Pro 🥇 at Purple Belt…

in the adult division

(If you remember, she just won gold 🥇 in the juvenile division last weekend!)

Sarah talking to me on the phone screen after her win

Not only that, her amazing teammate Jadeya Reber, who’s still just 16 years old, also fought again yesterday, taking back a bronze medal in the adult Purple Belt division 🥉 (Jadeya also won gold 🥇 in the juvenile division at the weekend!)

Sarah had three really tough fights against three really good opponents, other top-class, World Champion competitors!

In the final, she was paired against an amazing Judoka… Sarah likes to challenge herself and fight her opponents on their strength. She did her best to take her down, but pulled guard after three minutes of stalemate.

Then Sarah did an incredible move 👀

When her opponent tried to stand up, Sarah dragged her arm and went straight to the back 💪🏽

This move gave Sarah the points she needed to win her new World Pro title!

You might have seen her awesome celebration.

Jadeya had a super hard journey to win the bronze. After losing her third fight, she was put into a new bracket to fight for the third place medal (where she had another 4 fights!)

In total she had seven fights!

It was crazy – she even ended up beating the same girl she lost to in the Bronze final! 😅

I can’t wait to see these girls compete next year against the Brown and Black Belts (As they won the Purple Belt divisions this year, they have the right to fight the Brown and Black Belt Division next year!)

And I really have to say how incredible my wife Angelica was during this trip.

She was in Abu Dhabi for ten days with the three girls: Alexa Herse (who won bronze in the Juvenile division at the weekend), Sarah and Jadeya.

She was an amazing coach and support to the girls and we wouldn’t have done so well without her help and support!

We couldn’t have expected a better result – three of our athletes brought home 3 gold medals and 2 bronze medals 🥇🥇🥇🥉🥉

Let’s go!

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