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Luiza Monteiro wins the Crown 👑

Oss Reader

Luiza Monteiro wins the Crown!

Luiza proved again last night that she is one of the most dominant Jiu-Jitsu fighters of her generation by winning the IBJJF Crown 👑

Here’s a video we uploaded to show everyone her success at the first IBJJF Crown event last night!

Check it out by clicking the image below:

Luiza Monteiro is the Queen

Andy Murasaki and Gustavo Batista both fought incredibly tough competition and won silver in their divisions.

This was a really momentous event – even to be invited was a huge honor for these athletes ✨

Atos Jiu-Jitsu was represented by three athletes, chosen because they’re respected as fighters at the top of their games.

All three of these athletes made the finals, with Luiza coming out on top as the queen of her division!

Let’s go!

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