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The First Battle: Lucas Barbosa Vs His Shorts 🩳

Oss Reader

If you’ve ever met Lucas Barbosa, you’ll know he’s a super high-energy guy. He’s always smiling, always positive… Having him around brightens up the training room.

Everyone loves him because of this positive energy ✨

People literally bend their schedules to people who radiate that kind of energy…

Don’t believe me?

Two days ago, we were at the gym around 6PM getting in some last-minute training for Lucas’ fight today.

Arthur, one of my students, comes up to me and says:

Professor, Lucas forgot his shorts here. He wants me to put the Atos BJJ On Demand patch on the shorts and I have to do this right now because the store is about to close in thirty minutes.

It actually took a lot longer than that to get the shorts ready. The guys in the store were really cool about it – they actually kept the store open late to put the patch on Lucas’ shorts to help us keep promoting and growing our online platform.

This is why it’s important to be full of positive energy – people will go out of their way to help you when you radiate all that is good.

It was the first battle we had to fight before this event, our first war – to make sure Lucas’ pants were ready…

You can even see the shorts in a video Lucas posted on Instagram today 😅

But the shorts are here, we’re ready to go and we’ve been training here at FloGrappling, feeling ready to go tonight!

Below are some photos from our training today at FloGrappling:

More coaching from me with Lucas and Kaynan

Lucas and Kaynan grappling. I'm coaching

Let’s go!!

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