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I found this awesome photo from 2004…

Oss Reader

I’m not sure how many people have seen this photo:

Andre Galvao becoming the Brown Belt World Champion in 2004

This photo is from 2004, almost 20 years ago…

It’s the moment I became Brown Belt Double Gold World Champion 🥇🥇

I fought 11 fights, winning 10 by submission 💪🏽

I thought back to this moment as I was watching the Atos Brown Belts competing at No-Gi World’s yesterday.

There were so many amazing moments:

  • Laura Sileci beat UFC Flyweight, Miranda Maverick, to become the new Brown Belt Lightweight No-Gi World Champion 🏆
  • Tanino Kauan, a.k.a. “Samurai”, became the Brown Belt Heavyweight Champion 🏆
  • Britney Johnson won a Brown Belt Middleweight Silver Medal 🥈
  • And Wyatt Doblado took home a Bronze medal in the Brown Ultra Heavyweight Division! 🥉

I want to make an honorary mention of Vinicius Inacio for all his fans from the first 5-Day Jiu-Jitsu Challenge! He lost in the quarter finals, but he’s a beast and I know he’ll be back stronger than ever. I can tell… His eyes were on fire after the match.

These moments make me so proud of the legacy I’m building… From my own journey as an athlete, to being part of so many incredible students’ progress – in my gym, through my affiliate gyms and my online platform.

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Let’s go!!

Andre Galvao
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