fbpx Reporting on the Europeans From my AirBNB in Paris 🥐 - Atos Jiu-Jitsu HQ - Worlds Best BJJ Academy - San Diego CA

Reporting on the Europeans From my AirBNB in Paris 🥐

I’m writing to you from my AirBNB in Paris, just fifteen minutes walking distance from where the European tournament is being hosted in Paris.

I’m writing this email the the morning after Sarah Galvao, my incredible daughter, became the Purple Belt Lightweight European Champion 🥇

Sarah, Angelica and myself
Sarah, Angelica and myself after Sarah’s win

And it’s not just Sarah on top of the podium. So many of my students are having incredible results!

On the first day of the tournament, one of our Juvenile 1 Blue Belts, Dania Silva, had an incredible performance at the Europeans, becoming the Juvenile 1 Lightweight Champion 🥇 after winning 4 fights, 2 by submission.

Dania’s an amazing competitor. She’s been training Jiu-Jitsu since she was six years old, winning Kids Pans multiple times, the most important tournament for kids.

On Sunday, the second day, we had an incredible performance by Emily Leyva – 4 fights, 4 submissions! 🥇

Even when she was fighting a very tough opponent in the semi finals, she managed to control and dominate the fight completely. She submitted all her fights in different ways. She won the first fight by ankle lock, the second by triangle, the third from the back and the fourth by a triangle/arm bar combo!

The way Emily fights and brings emotion to the mats is always incredible.

Alexa Herse had an incredible performance, winning Double Gold 🥇🥇 – 6 fights, 5 submissions!

All these girls have all been training with us since they were little kids. Alexa and Emily have both been training with us for more than 5 years. Alexa came to Atos when she was 8 years old and Emily started training with us before the pandemic.

These girls work so hard, day and night to get where they are. They train twice a day, drilling together, hanging out together… They’re pretty much together all the time – like sisters! This contributes to the team spirit, and helps them become better, stronger and mentally ready to overcome any challenge because they know the team is behind them!

On Monday, Jared Wade was competing (many will know him as the Blue Belt from my recent Takedown Bootcamp. He won 4 fights, losing the fifth by referee decision. He was winning the fight by an advantage, until the end when the referee took away his advantage and he didn’t have time to make it back.

His opponent ended up winning the tournament, but I know that Jared has an amazing future and he’s going to be on the top of the podium in every future major tournament. He was the number one seed in the bracket, and is the number 1 ranked Blue Belt in the World. I guarantee you Jared will shine this year. I have no doubt, because he works hard, he’s on the right path, and I can see he gives 100% every time.

What’s so cool is the age of these young competitors. They’re achieving such incredible things and most of them are still Juveniles, or have just graduated from the Juvenile programs!

We pride ourselves at fostering incredible relationships with the kids at our academy, motivating them and encouraging them in a way that doesn’t put extra pressure or stress on their shoulders.

If you’re a parent or a coach who wants to learn more about how we create such an amazing atmosphere for the kids at Atos HQ, I’d invite you to check out the 2-Day Challenge I’m running with my own performance coach, Mayra Ramos, between the 8-9 February.

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Let’s go!

Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​