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Three Double Golds for “The Dream Team” 🥇🥇

Day One of the Pan IBJJF Championship is over…

Sarah Galvao – my incredible daughter – did amazing, winning Double Gold 🥇🥇

She won all four fights in her division by four different submissions:

  1. Arm bar
  2. Triangle
  3. Ezekial
  4. Chicken Wing Arm Lock from Omoplata 😅

Then she fought three fights in the Open Weight Division.

She closed out with her incredible teammate, “Lillatron” Lillian Marchand 🥇🥇

Lillian won all three fights in her division, winning two by submission.

Then in the open class, she won all fights by submission, until closing out with Sarah 💪🏽

Click the image below to see a post-fight interview with Sarah and Lillian:

Sarah and Lillatron celebratingClick the image to watch the interview with the girls

Another member of our young “Dream Team”, Emily Leyva, also won Double Gold as a Blue Belt 🥇🥇

She won the Light Featherweight division – four fights, four submissions 💪🏽

Then she beat one of the toughest girls in the tournament in the Open Class final.

Emily weighs only one hundred and eighteen pounds, and the girl she beat in the Open Class was much bigger.

Emily Leyva Double GoldClick the image to watch the interview with Emily

We also had some fighters in the Adult Blue Belt Male Division.

Those of you who participated in the January Bootcamp might remember Jared Wade.

Jared picked up silver 🥈 (despite not being able to do a training camp because of a neck injury!)

In the final, he fought against Quintan Young, an Atos affiliate from JT Torres’ academy, Essential BJJ.

Noah Andersen 🥈 also made the podium, after training with us at Atos for the last year and a half.

We had some other incredible performances. The girls especially are doing amazing.

Me and Angelica spent the evening relaxing, eating barbeque 😅 It’s a long week for us, so we need to make sure our energy is high!

The morale in camp is high. I’m talking with all my athletes every day.

One thing we’ve been focusing a lot on recently is the team’s mindset. At the end of every class, I talk to my students about mindset too.

I want them to be present and in the moment – this way they can bring their best every time.

This focus has really brought out the best in them, and I’m excited to see more incredible results throughout the week.

I’m so proud of my team ⚔️🛡️

Let’s gooo

Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​