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Post-Surgery Knee Update 🤕

I’ve received a lot of support since I had my knee surgery last week, and I wanted to give you guys a quick update on my recovery 🙏🏽

This Wednesday, April 4th, I went to the doctor and he took about six big syringes of fluid out of my knee.

Here’s how it looked afterwards:

Knee after fluid was drained
My knee post-surgery

And here’s a photo with me and my surgeon, Doctor Eric Stark from Carlsbad, CA.

Me and Doctor Eric Stark
With Doctor Stark, my surgeon

Thank you Doctor for helping me.

I now have only 25% of my meniscus. They also shaved a bit from my patellar cartilage that was also a little messed up.

My knee will soon be better, and I can’t wait to get back training and having fun with my students ✨

OSS 💪🏽

P.S. Before the preparations for my superfight with Gordon, I never had any physical issues.

Throughout twenty years, I managed to stay injury free and be consistent on the mats.

I believe this was due to the strength and mobility routine I developed with my S&C coach, Ivan Carmosino.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link to the exact mobility routine I followed when preparing for fights during my career: