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[Video] Jonnatas Gracie secures ANOTHER win at UFC Fight Pass Invitational

Although Worlds is right around the corner, many members of Team Atos have been working hard in the background…

Training, competing, and bringing back golds 🏆🥇

First of all, we competed at the San Diego Open this weekend, beating some outstanding competition to take home overall first place as a team 🏆

(The best way to catch up with all the results from the weekend is by checking out the Atos BJJ On Demand Instagram page)

Additionally, Jonnatas Gracie defeated a very tough opponent this weekend, Jay Rod, to secure another win at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational.

He is still undefeated at the UFC Apex and is ready for his next match-up.

Click the image below to watch Jonnatas’ post-fight interview:

Jonnatas Gracie wins at UFC Fight PassPhoto by @jordanhfoto

Congrats to Jonnatas on your victory. Hard work pays off 💪🏽

Jonnatas frequently teaches at Atos HQ. If you want to check out his incredible teaching and training methods, you can check out the classes he teaches on Atos BJJ On Demand.

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