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Atos Beaumont Super Seminars (Kids and Adults)

Our opening week at Atos Beaumont is gearing up to be an incredible week for Jiu-Jitsu.

As I announced last week, we’ll be running “Super Seminars” throughout our opening week (June 4th to June 8th)

This week, I’m also announcing a:


During the same week, we’ll be running a Kid’s Super Seminar Week at Atos Beaumont, CA with Sarah Galvao and the Juvenile “Dream Team” (Emily Leyva, Alexa Herse, Lilly “Lillatron” Marchand and Jadeya Reber), as well as my wife Angelica and myself

From Tuesday–Friday, we’ll be running the Kid’s Seminars from 4-6pm – right before the adults seminars.

And on Saturday, we’ll be running the Kid’s Seminar before the adult’s seminar from 9–11am.

This Kids Super Seminars will not cost anything for participating kids.

You can use the link below to sign up and register your interest – or your child’s interest – in the super seminars (Please feel free to send the same link to anyone you think might be interested 🙏🏽):


We’ve also opened sign-ups for Atos Beaumont.

You can sign up now, click on the membership that best suits you, and 20.4% will be taken off your membership – for life (this 20.4 percent off will be automatically applied once you begin the checkout process on the website)

So by signing up now, you’ll “grandfather” yourself at this price for life.

This will be the only time we will be offering any kind of alternative pricing for our academy at Beaumont.

You only have a few more days to grandfather yourself in (once the gym is officially open, there will be no more opportunities)

Here’s the link:


Please reply if you have any questions,


P.S. Here’s a reminder of the schedule for the Adult Super Seminars:

Tuesday, June 4th: Ronaldo Jr.​
Wednesday, June 5th: Andy Murasaki
Thursday, June 6th: Kaynan Duarte
Friday, June 7th: Demian Maia
Saturday, June 8th: Multiple Atos Black Belts (including myself)