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Fight Preview: Who’s Number One 24

Who’s Number One is back tonight with an incredible card.

Three fighters from Atos will be competing.

First up is Jonnatas Gracie vs Jacob Couch for the 185lb title shot.

Jonnatas vs Couch

Jonnatas got a call on short notice – twelve days before the fight they called him and asked if he would like to fight against Jacob Couch, a super tough ADCC Trial winner in America.

(Jonnatas got second place in ADCC Trials in South America.)

It’s going to be a great fight and I have lots of respect for Couch for everything he’s been doing.

So that fight is gonna be fireworks 👀

The next fight we have is Javier Zaruski, also on short notice – twelve days ago they asked Zaruski if he was willing to fight No-Gi World Champion and ADCC veteran, Victor Hugo.

Zaruski vs Hugo

This is definitely the biggest challenge for Javier in his career.

Javier, you know, is tough. He’s also a No-Gi Black Belt World Champion.

He’s from Uruguay, but he’s trained with me since Blue Belt.

Zaruzki’s a little bit lighter than Victor Hugo. And Victor definitely has more experience than him. But I believe Zaruzki can surprise a lot of people 💪🏽

Our last fighter is Adele Fornarino.

Adele’s been here in America training with us for the past two weeks, and now she’s there in Austin, Texas, and she’s ready to compete against a super tough, super tough opponent in Ana Rodriguez.

Adele Fornarino vs ana Rodriguez

This is going to be an incredible match as well. Adele has an incredible submission rate in her career, and Ana also has an incredible victory rate.

I always say this: every time my students get invited to Who’s Number One, they never have an easy match 😅

It’s always the toughest opponents.

So we have to go there and show our work and do our best.

So God bless all the competitors.

I’ll be there tomorrow coaching everyone.

Okay, I’m taking my flight tomorrow at 9 a.m. San Diego time.

I’ll be arriving in Austin, Texas around 3 p.m.

I’ll be there to help them to come back home with the victory 🏆

I also know Gordon Ryan will be competing as well in the main event. This is the first time he’s competing back after his stomach problems.

Hopefully he can pass through this challenge knowing his health issues and then also I wish him the best.

You can watch WNO live on FloGrappling:


(This isn’t an affiliate link, I’m just happy for everyone to tune in and watch our athletes 💪🏽)

Let’s go

Andre Galvao
Atos Jiu-Jitsu Head Coach
Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame Member​