Technique Tuesday

http: CHECK OUT THE LINK ABOVE!!! Technique Tuesday with@nisar_loynab and@kristianwoodmansee @atosjiujitsuhq. The drilling never stops for pan camp [...]


Congrats to all the @atosjiujitsuhq kids who competed at the gi exchange today ! Great job @mikecarbullido@kristianwoodmansee @nisar_loynab@mikecarbullido for coaching them to [...]


ATOS killed it today @ Europeans!! Double gold for Prof. @galvaobjj . Gold for Prof. @jtorres197 who closed the division with prof. @daviramosjj . Gold for prof. @angelicagalvao who kept us at [...]

Together We Are Stronger

Atos HQ has many people walk through its doors wanting to be “champions.” Few have what it takes despite their thinking they do. Ekjot was different. Built very large and powerful but [...]

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