Meet the Instructors

The depth of knowledge amassed by our instructors will be a great advantage to anyone who desires to learn the art of jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is a fun, safe and practical martial art that offers a [...]

NEW Masters Class!

Atos HQ is now offering a new masters only class for our members who are 30+.  The goal is to create positive camaraderie between the masters members, and give them the opportunity to get to know [...]

BJJ for the Non-competitor

The majority of Jiu Jitsu practitioners are non-competitors, and that’s totally okay.   Of course there are many benefits to competing, but it’s not at all a requirement.  Many people [...]

Atos HQ 2017 Highlights

January Europeans marks the first major event of the year, and as always Atos Jiu Jitsu had a great showing!  As a team Atos won 3rd place for the Adult Women, and 2nd place for the Juveniles.  [...]

American Nationals

Congratulations to everyone from Atos Jiu Jitsu who competed this past weekend at American Nationals!  For a few of our students who were promoted after Worlds this was their debut at their new [...]

ADCC West Coast Trials

The ADCC West Coast Trials are being held this Saturday, April 15th, at The Arena, Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim CA.  The West Coast Trials will be the final chance for grapplers to [...]

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